Shooting in Morocco

I travelled to Morocco last month for a two day shoot with the amazing Cubicle. Hands down this was one of the best location shoots EVA! I’m so grateful to have been involved in this collaboration. I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes with you. All images taken by the super talented Simon Schmidt.

Image by Simon Schmidt Model Marta Gawron

Image by Simon Schmidt Model Marta Gawron


Image by Simon Schmidt

Image by Simon Schmidt

Breathtaking views.

Image by Simon Schmidt

Image by Simon Schmidt

The amazing Shini Park in action.

Image by Simon Schmidt

Image by Simon Schmidt

This location.

Image by Simon Schmidt

Image by Simon Schmidt

Girl band.

Image by Simon Schmidt

Image by Simon Schmidt

Some friends.

Image by Simon Schmidt

Image by Simon Schmidt

Natural beauty.

Lots of love x

My top 5 Facial Mist Sprays

A facial hydrating spray essentially moisturises and refreshes your skin. You don’t necessarily need it as part of your skincare regime but it can be used in conjunction with other skincare products and is rather a nice addition. Some are refreshing and cooling where as others are more for hydrating and keep the skin plump. If it is for hydration I tend to use it after cleansing directly on top of my skin under my moisturiser and if it’s a cooling water spray I use this at the end of the day as a refreshing pick me up or if I’m travelling. I’m a huge fan as their super convenient and give an even application so no rubbing required although when I’m in a rush I sometimes use my fingers or a makeup brush to blend and help it absorb quicker. Here are my top 5!!!!!

1. Tata Harper - Hydrating Floral Mist

This is on the higher end of the price scale but it is worth it if only for a treat. To be honest I have only just started using it but I’m loving it. On the days I do use it I don’t need a moisturiser, this is how moisturising it is. It is a rich 100% organic formula that is full of natural ingredients which includes Hyaluronic Acid which we all know retains moisture and keeps skin looking plump. It is certified 100% non toxic which means it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. This is also vegan & cruelty free.


2. Aēsop - Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol

A favourite of mine when on set and travelling, I actually have this in my kit at present. It has a rose petal infused formula which is suitable for all skin types. It leaves skin looking fresh and revitalised. And the fragrance is SO good. The bottle is plastic so light to carry when travelling. Aēsop is a certified vegan and cruelty free skincare brand.

aesop hydrating mist.jpg

3. Caudalie - Beauty Elixir

A must have with any Makeup Artist, I see this product time and time again backstage and on set. A true cult favourite. The reason I think it’s so good is because it’s a great all rounder - sets makeup, smooths fine lines, brightens skin and of course gives that instant boast of radiance that we’re all after. A must have!


4. Mario Badescu - Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

Another Cult Favourite - it is specific for hydration. It’s simple formula is great for smoothing and energising. It contains extracts of Aloe Vera, Gardenia & Rose and is great as a mid day pick me up or end of day. It’s very reasonably priced.


5. Omorovicza - Queen of Hungry Mist

When I worked in Harrods I used to get to try lots of different skincare brands and Omorovicza was one of them. At the time it was way to expensive for me to buy but I remember the Beautician there used to spoil us with samples. It is a light, quick spritz with a mix of neroli and rose to refresh the skin. It feels super luxurious. It’s a pricy one though but if you feel like a splurge it’s well worth it.


Rocking a red lip on your wedding day!!!

red lip.jpg

I think the main concern brides have about wearing a red lip to their wedding is; will it stay or will it bleed… Is it to much, can I carry it off? If you fancy wearing a statement lip colour for your big day I’ve put together a few tips to consider - remember ladies everyone can rock a red - have fun!

  1. Lip prep - like with applying your makeup, prepping your skin is number one. Same with your lips if their not super smooth and nicely hydrated your lip colour won’t look or stay as well as it could. So use a lip exfoliator to remove any dry skin and then apply a lip balm to hydrate and nourish. works like a dream on dry lips.

  2. Use a lip primer, this coats the skin and prepares to hold the colour, yes I know how wonderful. Obviously using this product, exfoliating and lip balm might be a bit excessive everyday but this is a special occasion and we want it to stay fresh for as long as possible.

  3. Choosing the right colour!!! Arghhhhh I hear you say. Firstly you need to figure out whether you have a cool, warm or neutral skin tone. There are so many different types of skin tones but this is a general rule of thumb to follow when choosing the right colour for you. With a pale complexion you have a pink under tone so blue-based reds or pink-based reds are best think raspberry. A light complexion has more yellow in their skin so an orange-based red is best for them. Medium complexions tends to tan easily so again an orange-based red for them especially with a tan in summer. Olive complexions are yellow based and tend to work well with brick coloured lipstick. Dark complexions can really play with colour so they can wear either a blue-based red or and orange-based red. If still in doubt get to your nearest makeup counter and have a play.

  4. Always use a lip liner as near to the lip colour as possible. Laura Mercier have amazing lip pencils and what I sometimes do is line the lips, make sure to sharpen the pencil first to get a clean line. Then fill in using the same lip pencil before adding your chosen lip colour. Laura Mercier’s lip pencils do not bleed and are a creamy matte so don’t feel to dry.

  5. I think at this stage I would blot the colour and add some translucent powder and then add a final layer of lippie. This is quite an old fashioned way of keeping the colour in place but it actually really works.

Happy wearing!!! xx

Bridal Makeup Tips....

Image by Wedding Photographer Stephanie Swann

Image by Wedding Photographer Stephanie Swann

When is comes to their Bridal Makeup a lot of brides will say, ' just natural, I'll leave it up to you' which is pretty board to be honest about it. But for me that means working with what works best for them and enhancing their own natural beauty. For example colour, colour is huge, what eye colour is going to work best for their eye shade and make it pop, what cheek colour is going to enhance their cheeks and work with the eyes and lips etc etc Here are a few pointers to consider. For tips on skin see my previous post and Instagram stories.  

1. The right base: Once skin in prepped you don't want to go to heavy with your foundation. You want your skin to look radiant and dewy. I would recommend using a concealer and a light foundation/radiant tinted moisturiser. Go for a lighter colour concealer than your base so you can use it as a highlighter along the centre of your nose, cheek bones and arch of the brow. These subtle touches really enhance your makeup. 

2. Eye colour and definition: Defining the eyes is really important otherwise they will disappear in the photos. Choose an eye liner either black or brown, brown is softer and looks more natural, it also works with all eye colours. If you have dark skin, black or dark brown will work best. Go with a medium toned eye shadow or something with a bit of sparkle. I also add a few individuals lashes, their easy to apply (use duo glue) and add a little hint of glamour but their never to obvious. 

3. Colour for cheeks & lips: A look that never fails is rosy, dewy cheeks and a pinkish natural lip. A pop of creamy blush on the cheeks can really enhance your skin otherwise you can end up looking a little too pale. A good indication for lip colour is something similar but slightly brighter. This you can play around with but avoid anything to brown or pale as again you can looked washed out. Definitely buy something that you can retouch throughout the day. 

4. Don’t be swayed by trends: Or what your Makeup Artist prefers. Go for whats suits you and what you feel comfortable wearing. A bride should look like the best version of herself, she should feel beautiful and confident. So trying the latest graphic eye liner on the day of your wedding is best avoided. 

5. Booking a professional: If your planning on booking a pro before the trial have a chat with them. Tell him or her about your own personal style, what type of wedding your having, whether you wear a lot of makeup or very little day to day. This will give them a idea of what will work best for you and also what will feel comfortable.

Lots of love x

S.K.I.N !!!!! S.K.I.N !!!!! S.K.I.N !!!!!

louise vuitton ss17 skin via vogue.jpeg

I get asked a lorra lorra, what is the best way to nourish my skin over the Winter so it is as smooth and radiant as it can be. Here are just a few pointers to consider: 

1. Back to basics: A good skincare routine like cleansing twice daily (esp. now the skin is a lot dryer during the colder months) Use a cream cleanser more so if your skin is on the dryer side. Bioderma do a lovely one called Hydrabio Lait - You can then add a serum or facial water after cleansing. And top with your favourite moist! And don’t forget to exfoliate weekly if poss. These basic steps may seem obvious but sometimes we lose tract or don’t have the time but our skin really benefits from these simple steps. See in my stories @velvet.muse to see other brands I’m using.

2. Clean eating: I can’t emphasis this enough!!! I have a serious addiction to sugar, I have at least one bar of chocolate a day FOR REAL (and I wonder why I still get spots in my 40’s) So for the month of November I gave up sugar, no sweet stuff, no chocolate, nada! It was hellish but on the plus side I had a lot more energy and I really noticed the difference in the texture of my skin. It definitely makes a difference! SO… in the run up to a big event, consider keeping your diet super healthy, cut out the processed stuff, reduce the sugar and make the Nurti Bullet your bestie!

3. Facial massage!!!!! Again its quite basic but when I’m prepping a model or a client’s skin the first step is some facial massage. It’s super easy, just a gentle massage of the facial muscles in an upward motion using a cream cleanser on the face and neck. It gets rid of any tension you might have in the muscles and also stimulates circulation to relieve healthy radiant skin.

4. Add a moist that contains retinol to your skincare regime. Retinol simple put is vitamin A. It is known for how it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Best to start using this time of year before your skin gets to dry. As with any new skincare product it is trial and error. Getting the right product for your skin, isn’t a case of what works for one will work for us all so bear this in mine when trying new stuff. Happy hunting!

Lots of love xx

Making the most out of your skin

Image backstage Stella Mc Cartney pre-fall 2014

Image backstage Stella Mc Cartney pre-fall 2014


Some of you may know as well as working in the bridal industry I also work regularly on fashion shoots and shows. How you prepare the skin and what products you use whether on a model or a bride is paramount to how it will look on camera. If you're planning to do your own makeup for your wedding or you just want to improve your skincare regime you will really benefit from this post. It gives you suggestions of products and brands to try which I have tried and tested myself so I know what works and what the benefits are. So here are some of the brands I'm using right now....



Backstage to cleanse models skin I start with Micellar water. This originally started in France but has been taken by storm across the beauty industry in recent years. It is a non rinse cleansing water which contain tiny oil molecules called micelles which act like a magnet and drag any impurities off the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. Its not only in my kit but I use it myself  and it works well for my skin which is super sensitive and dry. I've tried a couple of brands, Bioderma and La Roche Posay which I love but I'm trialling Arvène right now as I got a sample of it a few weeks ago from a pharmacy in Kensington and loving it. It's so so gentle!

Also check out Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water // it is a bit more expensive than the others but super nice and well worth the investment.


Hydrating water:

I'm a huge fan of French skin care, have been for years and I'm also totally in awe with the Korean skin care regime (12 steps people 12 steps!!!)  sooo, super excited to come across a Korean and French combo called Erborian. I ducked into Selfridges and bought some of the Eau Ginseng for my kit which I have used on set and all my brides this month and the results are awesome. It's like a hydrating water suitable for sensitive skin and very rich so be warned - I apply after cleansing using a cotton pad, pressing it into the skin and et voila smoother plumber skin!,7,1,470,12527.htm#s=1081



At mens shows earlier this year to prep skin we got sent Weleda this was my first introduction to the brand and I'm hooked. A Swiss brand free from GMO's, synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorants. A hugely successful brand globally it prides itself on people and planet over profit!!! (defo worth mentioning) So now with the cooler months fast approaching skin thens to be dryer and in need extra nourishment so look no further than Weleda Skin Food. This is the ultimate in moisturiser! It can be used anywhere that needs extra moist - on the lips, hands, I even put on my lids to add some shine - so pile it on and feel the love.

If you have the budget or fancy a splurge Nurtra Bissi is one you should have a look at - oh my, what a moisturiser this is a Spanish brand from Barcelona and the Vitamin C range is like a surge of vitamins for the skin which includes ascorbic acid. Again Vitamin C I mentioned this in my last post - it leaves the skin bright and fatigue free - now what more would you need the morning of your wedding!


Lots of love x

Preparing you skin for your wedding or special event!

Image by Cecelina Photography

Image by Cecelina Photography

We all know preparing for a wedding is time consuming and can be quite stressful. When deciding on your guest list or what table arrangements to have skin tends not to be hot on the list. And who doesn't want a smooth clear complexion for their wedding or special event!? Here are some pointers to consider in the run up to the big day...


1. Juicing, if you don't do it already get on it as the benefits are major and what a difference it makes to your skin! Dark green leafy veggies like kale, spinach, broccoli mixed with lemon, ginger or apple (the options are endless) are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll!!! Chlorophyll if you're not familiar already is great for healing, detoxing and skin health. Try and eat clean as much as possible so avoiding processed and refined foods. What you put into your body is super important so make sure its full of goodness.


2. I have been fortunate to have worked backstage at The Burberry show at London Fashion Week so when preparing the models skin first we start with facial massage! The facial muscles benefit from deep massage, it gets circulation going which aids tightening and increases collagen production giving healthy, radiant looking skin. Whoop whoop! When using your creme cleanser gentle massage the face and neck in an upward motion, circular motion around the eye area before tissuing off to achieve the glow.


3. I'm a firm believer in spending more time on skincare so you don't need to spend much time on your makeup! When you think about it we tend to do it the other way round, spending more time covering up what's there. Find the right products that work for you which should include, cleanser, facial hydrating water and moisturiser.  Spend time nourishing and conditioning the skin and developing good skin care habits every day so it's in tip top condition. Then when it comes to makeup application you should just need the makeup essentials to enhance your own natural beauty.  


4. If you want a instant brightening quick fix then its got to be Vitamin C! - ideally in a serum or cream - serums are a great addition to your skin care routine. They contain active ingredients like Vitamin C which protect the skin from outside aggressors and instantly brightening the skin. Use sparingly if using concentrate. I've tried Cosmetics Skin Solutions, which I loved and it won't break the bank