Making the most out of your skin

Image backstage Stella Mc Cartney pre-fall 2014

Image backstage Stella Mc Cartney pre-fall 2014


Some of you may know as well as working in the bridal industry I also work regularly on fashion shoots and shows. How you prepare the skin and what products you use whether on a model or a bride is paramount to how it will look on camera. If you're planning to do your own makeup for your wedding or you just want to improve your skincare regime you will really benefit from this post. It gives you suggestions of products and brands to try which I have tried and tested myself so I know what works and what the benefits are. So here are some of the brands I'm using right now....



Backstage to cleanse models skin I start with Micellar water. This originally started in France but has been taken by storm across the beauty industry in recent years. It is a non rinse cleansing water which contain tiny oil molecules called micelles which act like a magnet and drag any impurities off the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. Its not only in my kit but I use it myself  and it works well for my skin which is super sensitive and dry. I've tried a couple of brands, Bioderma and La Roche Posay which I love but I'm trialling Arvène right now as I got a sample of it a few weeks ago from a pharmacy in Kensington and loving it. It's so so gentle!

Also check out Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water // it is a bit more expensive than the others but super nice and well worth the investment.


Hydrating water:

I'm a huge fan of French skin care, have been for years and I'm also totally in awe with the Korean skin care regime (12 steps people 12 steps!!!)  sooo, super excited to come across a Korean and French combo called Erborian. I ducked into Selfridges and bought some of the Eau Ginseng for my kit which I have used on set and all my brides this month and the results are awesome. It's like a hydrating water suitable for sensitive skin and very rich so be warned - I apply after cleansing using a cotton pad, pressing it into the skin and et voila smoother plumber skin!,7,1,470,12527.htm#s=1081



At mens shows earlier this year to prep skin we got sent Weleda this was my first introduction to the brand and I'm hooked. A Swiss brand free from GMO's, synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorants. A hugely successful brand globally it prides itself on people and planet over profit!!! (defo worth mentioning) So now with the cooler months fast approaching skin thens to be dryer and in need extra nourishment so look no further than Weleda Skin Food. This is the ultimate in moisturiser! It can be used anywhere that needs extra moist - on the lips, hands, I even put on my lids to add some shine - so pile it on and feel the love.

If you have the budget or fancy a splurge Nurtra Bissi is one you should have a look at - oh my, what a moisturiser this is a Spanish brand from Barcelona and the Vitamin C range is like a surge of vitamins for the skin which includes ascorbic acid. Again Vitamin C I mentioned this in my last post - it leaves the skin bright and fatigue free - now what more would you need the morning of your wedding!


Lots of love x