Preparing you skin for your wedding or special event!

Image by Cecelina Photography

Image by Cecelina Photography

We all know preparing for a wedding is time consuming and can be quite stressful. When deciding on your guest list or what table arrangements to have skin tends not to be hot on the list. And who doesn't want a smooth clear complexion for their wedding or special event!? Here are some pointers to consider in the run up to the big day...


1. Juicing, if you don't do it already get on it as the benefits are major and what a difference it makes to your skin! Dark green leafy veggies like kale, spinach, broccoli mixed with lemon, ginger or apple (the options are endless) are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll!!! Chlorophyll if you're not familiar already is great for healing, detoxing and skin health. Try and eat clean as much as possible so avoiding processed and refined foods. What you put into your body is super important so make sure its full of goodness.


2. I have been fortunate to have worked backstage at The Burberry show at London Fashion Week so when preparing the models skin first we start with facial massage! The facial muscles benefit from deep massage, it gets circulation going which aids tightening and increases collagen production giving healthy, radiant looking skin. Whoop whoop! When using your creme cleanser gentle massage the face and neck in an upward motion, circular motion around the eye area before tissuing off to achieve the glow.


3. I'm a firm believer in spending more time on skincare so you don't need to spend much time on your makeup! When you think about it we tend to do it the other way round, spending more time covering up what's there. Find the right products that work for you which should include, cleanser, facial hydrating water and moisturiser.  Spend time nourishing and conditioning the skin and developing good skin care habits every day so it's in tip top condition. Then when it comes to makeup application you should just need the makeup essentials to enhance your own natural beauty.  


4. If you want a instant brightening quick fix then its got to be Vitamin C! - ideally in a serum or cream - serums are a great addition to your skin care routine. They contain active ingredients like Vitamin C which protect the skin from outside aggressors and instantly brightening the skin. Use sparingly if using concentrate. I've tried Cosmetics Skin Solutions, which I loved and it won't break the bank