Bridal Makeup Tips....

Image by Wedding Photographer Stephanie Swann

Image by Wedding Photographer Stephanie Swann

When is comes to their Bridal Makeup a lot of brides will say, ' just natural, I'll leave it up to you' which is pretty board to be honest about it. But for me that means working with what works best for them and enhancing their own natural beauty. For example colour, colour is huge, what eye colour is going to work best for their eye shade and make it pop, what cheek colour is going to enhance their cheeks and work with the eyes and lips etc etc Here are a few pointers to consider. For tips on skin see my previous post and Instagram stories.  

1. The right base: Once skin in prepped you don't want to go to heavy with your foundation. You want your skin to look radiant and dewy. I would recommend using a concealer and a light foundation/radiant tinted moisturiser. Go for a lighter colour concealer than your base so you can use it as a highlighter along the centre of your nose, cheek bones and arch of the brow. These subtle touches really enhance your makeup. 

2. Eye colour and definition: Defining the eyes is really important otherwise they will disappear in the photos. Choose an eye liner either black or brown, brown is softer and looks more natural, it also works with all eye colours. If you have dark skin, black or dark brown will work best. Go with a medium toned eye shadow or something with a bit of sparkle. I also add a few individuals lashes, their easy to apply (use duo glue) and add a little hint of glamour but their never to obvious. 

3. Colour for cheeks & lips: A look that never fails is rosy, dewy cheeks and a pinkish natural lip. A pop of creamy blush on the cheeks can really enhance your skin otherwise you can end up looking a little too pale. A good indication for lip colour is something similar but slightly brighter. This you can play around with but avoid anything to brown or pale as again you can looked washed out. Definitely buy something that you can retouch throughout the day. 

4. Don’t be swayed by trends: Or what your Makeup Artist prefers. Go for whats suits you and what you feel comfortable wearing. A bride should look like the best version of herself, she should feel beautiful and confident. So trying the latest graphic eye liner on the day of your wedding is best avoided. 

5. Booking a professional: If your planning on booking a pro before the trial have a chat with them. Tell him or her about your own personal style, what type of wedding your having, whether you wear a lot of makeup or very little day to day. This will give them a idea of what will work best for you and also what will feel comfortable.

Lots of love x