Rocking a red lip on your wedding day!!!

red lip.jpg

I think the main concern brides have about wearing a red lip to their wedding is; will it stay or will it bleed… Is it to much, can I carry it off? If you fancy wearing a statement lip colour for your big day I’ve put together a few tips to consider - remember ladies everyone can rock a red - have fun!

  1. Lip prep - like with applying your makeup, prepping your skin is number one. Same with your lips if their not super smooth and nicely hydrated your lip colour won’t look or stay as well as it could. So use a lip exfoliator to remove any dry skin and then apply a lip balm to hydrate and nourish. works like a dream on dry lips.

  2. Use a lip primer, this coats the skin and prepares to hold the colour, yes I know how wonderful. Obviously using this product, exfoliating and lip balm might be a bit excessive everyday but this is a special occasion and we want it to stay fresh for as long as possible.

  3. Choosing the right colour!!! Arghhhhh I hear you say. Firstly you need to figure out whether you have a cool, warm or neutral skin tone. There are so many different types of skin tones but this is a general rule of thumb to follow when choosing the right colour for you. With a pale complexion you have a pink under tone so blue-based reds or pink-based reds are best think raspberry. A light complexion has more yellow in their skin so an orange-based red is best for them. Medium complexions tends to tan easily so again an orange-based red for them especially with a tan in summer. Olive complexions are yellow based and tend to work well with brick coloured lipstick. Dark complexions can really play with colour so they can wear either a blue-based red or and orange-based red. If still in doubt get to your nearest makeup counter and have a play.

  4. Always use a lip liner as near to the lip colour as possible. Laura Mercier have amazing lip pencils and what I sometimes do is line the lips, make sure to sharpen the pencil first to get a clean line. Then fill in using the same lip pencil before adding your chosen lip colour. Laura Mercier’s lip pencils do not bleed and are a creamy matte so don’t feel to dry.

  5. I think at this stage I would blot the colour and add some translucent powder and then add a final layer of lippie. This is quite an old fashioned way of keeping the colour in place but it actually really works.

Happy wearing!!! xx